Friday, January 7, 2011

Going In With a Bang

2011 is only a week old, and here's the list of dumb shit (awesome stuff) that I've already committed to:

- Signed up for the Colorado Warrior Dash on August 20th. Fuzzy viking helmets and fire pits at ~10,000 feet? I'm gonna die.
- Resolved to write at least 1 piece of handwritten correspondence every week. (Want to be the lucky recipient? Comment.)
- Read 50 books. Given how I've started off this year, I suspect that I'll win this one before the end of the semester.
- Related, make friends with the local library again.
- Also related, keep a running tally of those books here at this blog.
- Also related, actually document the number of times I read Treason in a year. I'm prepared to be mortified.
- Also related, read more short stories from internet-only (or mostly) publications. Clarkesworld, I look forward to being friends with you.
- While I'm at it, hell, let's keep a movie list, too. Netflix isn't particularly good at keep tabs on what I've watched. Maybe if I watch Mindwarp enough times, it'll magically appear on DVD.
- Create it Forward -- I'm going to send something handmade to the first 5 people who comment on this statement. I guess it was supposed to be a Facebook thing, but it's here now, too, so we'll see what happens w/ that.
- Submitted my volunteer registration for the Boulder International Film Festival this February.

Now I just need to keep up this momentum.


  1. Colorado Warrior Dash, Boulder Film Festival and movies? 2011 sounds like it's going to be an awesome year for you already M'ris!

  2. I will be volunteering at BIFF also again this year! (Doing the projectionist thing again). I hope to see you there! Also, you can write me stuff! I will even write you back! 2324 South #5 '0302

  3. I highly recommend for snail mail love. You can find some really cool, creative people on there who are hopelessly devoted to handwritten mail!

  4. Hey. It's February. What's up with that?

  5. I love sending and receiving handwritten letters.