Thursday, January 31, 2013

Online Dating & Hate Speech

I don't write a lot about my online dating experiences. Sure, I have the drinking game, but for the most part, I keep things pretty much on the DL. Tonite, however, I ran across something I'd never experienced before, in all my years (let's not count how many) of online dating: hate speech.

I neglected to take screenshots of this convo, which I now seriously regret. But it went pretty much exactly like this:

Dude: Too lazy to start a conversation with anything more than a Hey.
Me: Too lazy to end a conversation with anything more than a no thanks.
Dude: thanks, your Butt Ugly and I just wanted to copy/paste, if I had seen your jewish I would not have wasted a single letter!

So, yeah, that happened. I'm pretty stunned. Lots of people dislike me for lots of reasons, and I've been told off plenty of times, especially on the internet. This was the first time someone has gone directly for the Judaism jugular - and, yeah, it stings. Way more than I thought it would.

I don't know how much there is to delve in to here. I'm proud of being Jewish, and some yutz on the intertubes isn't going to rob me of that with one flippant email. And I understand that this dude is totally childish (butt ugly? That's the best you can do? Also, my picture on there is fucking GORGEOUS, even if you're not attracted to me. Also, my butt is aces.), but I wasn't aware that antisemitism was still casually running around, lurking in the hearts of bruised young men.

There's nothing I can do about this. (Though I blocked the user and reported him to the site for violating their TOS.) It's just unsettling, and, luckily, a little bit funny.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birthday Freebies in Boulder, CO

I've been accumulating this list for a few years, but never published it. Not sure why.

Anyway, here's some free stuff you can get in Boulder on your birthday. Most of it requires some planning in advance. I won't be in Boulder for my birthday this year (I'll be here in Philly, at the dentist's. Really. Wooooooooo.) So hopefully this list will be of more use to you.

Aveda - Coupon for free birthday gift (usually a fullsize product) redeemable at Aveda salons. Sign up online.
BJ's Brewhouse - Free Pizookie dessert. Email signup.
Cork - Free entree. Join their Connoisseur Dining Club.
Dairy Queen - Join their Blizzard fan Club, receive a coupon for a free birthday Blizzard
Daphne's Greek Cafe - Free entree. Email signup.
Denny's - Free Grand Slam, just show up with your driver's license.
Firehouse Subs - show your ID, get a free sub.
Glacier Ice Cream - Free ice cream cone OR small gelato on your birthday. Join their Birthday Club online. (7 days in advance)
Noodles & Co - Sign up for their email newsletter to receive a coupon for a free birthday meal. (60 days prior)
Old Chicago's - Active members (have made use of membership in the past 6 months) of their World Beer Tour program receive a $15 birthday credit for food. Must sign up for WBT in person.
Red Robin - Join their e-club, get a free birthday burger.
The Sink - Free appetizer or cookie on your birthday. Sign up for their S Card program.
Spicy Pickle - Sign up for the email list, get a coupon for a free birthday sandwich. (You might have to buy a drink.)
Starbucks - Register any giftcard you have for them online, a free birthday drink should come up when you check your rewards.
Ted's Montana Grill - Free dessert. Email signup.
Tee and Cakes - Join their Birthday Club. $5 gift certificate in the mail. Must sign up prior to birthday month.
Walnut Brewery - Members of their Mug Club (must sign up in person at Walnut Brewery) get a "special birthday gift every year." (Walnut Brewery is part of Rock Bottom

The Bus Stop - Free lap dances.
Snooze - Free birthday pancakes

If you're willing to trek to Denver:
The Broker - Buy one entree, get one free. Plan it in advance w/ them, and bring a friend.
Denver Zoo: Free admission on your birthday. Register online in advance.
The Fresh Fish Company - Not free, but members of their birthday club receive a percentage discount equal to their age. Sign up online.
LaMar's - free donut & coffee when you show up in person & join their LaMar's for life program. Register your card online & they'll load a free birthday donut on it.

Around Colorado:
Atwater on Gore Creek, Vail, CO - free entree with reservation and ID. (This seems insane to me, but it's right there on the website.)

That's all I've dug up. If there's a local deal I've missed, let me know!

I can't draw. EvaDestructionTM can, thank god.